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Updated: Jul 21

What a mouthful. But oh what a good mouthful. V I O R is the culmination of many hours weeks months discussing, learning and working in the virtual tour industry in 2020. Before the pandemic started I could see the value that virtual technologies would have on the future of how we experience things online. Virtual tours typically get used in real estate which allows potential customers to view a property from the comfort from their computer or phone. 2020 saw a dramatic increase in the use of virtual tours in realestate due to the pandemic, everyone being restricted, unable to go anywhere really. One aspect that was obvious was that it was a race to the bottom in the realestate industry as far as getting paid was concerned. Realestate agents have their margins to think of but when you have a highly customizable and revenue generating technology like a virtual tour platform at your disposal, there is more than one way to skin a cat. There are many other applications for this technology that are only just getting started.

But in all seriousness, as I watched the mayor of Melbourne saying on nation television that all these cafes, restaurants and businesses will need to close and many won't be able to re-open, while I have a technology at my disposal that can provide an alternative revenue stream for their businesses while their venue is closed! I have to say I was excited at how I could help.

A virtual tour is at its core a "Visual Aid" just like Zoom, websites, photos, they all help us to understand a space visually. All technology is designed to be an aid to our senses, sight, sound, taste, touch and smell. We need our senses to interact with the world around us. The highest level of interaction we can have is being face to face. Video conferencing platforms like Zoom are a perfect example. Video conferencing provides both sight and sound in real time. Zoom saw a major increase in their video conferencing technology being used. Why? because we need to connect with others. We are reliant on any technology that bridges the gaps between the physical and digital world. Especially when we don't have the option to meet in person face to face.

Modularmind.co provided the virtual tour technology GeoCV to the Melbourne community and the response was immediate and positive. Modularmind became the only provider of the GeoCV technology in Australia. Over time it was clear that it was time for the virtual tour technology to be under its own name and allow Modularmind to go back to doing what it does best, research and development into the next big thing. V I O R was created with the focus to be the premier virtual tour and interactive technology leader of Australia. Build a community and show how other virtual tour providers can generate revenue for their customers through virtual tours as well. Build a directory. Advertise these talented specialists and showcase their work. Create a training programme for best practices for anyone wanting to start in the virtual tour industry. There is so many exciting areas to work on that will help aid all Interactive technologies. The roadmap below shows some of the things we are working on this year in 2021.

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